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Chicken wings have fast become an international snack food sensation and at Have Wings, we have selected our favorite flavors from around the world to give you 5 mouthwatering options, Hot & Smokey, Extra Hot & Smokey, Sweet & Sticky, Oriental, Lemon & Coriander.

Our wings go through a trice cooked process, prepared freshly every day and finished of for you on the flame grill to order. This process not only ensures the wings are beautifully moist but that each wing is thoroughly cooked, drained of excess fat and packed to brim with our secret flavors which are unmistakably the yummiest #Wings ever.

Our promise: Our Wings are organic free range, always fresh and are not injected with any unnatural nastiness.

Flavor Ways: Hot & Smokey, Extra Hot & Smokey, Sweet & Sticky, Oriental, Lemon & Coriander.

Dips: Although our wings are more than juicy and filled with our delicious flavors, you can make a selection from 3 different dips – Spicy Mayo, Creamy Ranch, Blue Cheese and a good old Fiery Hot Hot Hot sauce.

Sides: Our sides have been perfectly created to offer you a healthy tasty alternative, all our sides are fresh and light and can be ordered with a combo or on their own.

Our menu will have Surprise and Delight specials on our menu throughout the year, e.g. “spice Jalapeno corn and bean soup for winter”, turkey wings over Christmas etc.


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